We are a leading company in the packaging and advertising industry in Germany; a successful developer and manufacturer of innovative solutions, and impressively different: down-to-earth, agreeable and sustainable. Karl Knauer is your packaging and advertising specialist for your current and future product requirements. Our scope of service includes all standard packaging and processing technologies for virtually all industries. Our main areas of expertise at Karl Knauer are structured into four business units: packaging, advertising materials and gift packaging as well as mechanical engineering. 

We combine flexibility, vertical range of manufacture and innovation supremacy and also accept especially challenging tasks. Our solutions continue to receive top-class prizes both nationally and internationally. We have customers from global brand-name manufacturing and service industries as well as medium-sized companies all over Europe. Our goods are manufactured in Biberach/Baden (Germany) as well as in Pniewy (Poland).
Our performance promise: "Impressively different"
It is our intention to be "impressively different" in all that we do. And exactly how do we fulfil our promise? Our promise lies in our exceptionally broad spectrum of everything that involves packaging- and advertising media as well as in our extraordinary competence and true passion for what we do. Our strengths are consistency and reliability, commitment and partnership, efficiency and speediness. With an innovative supremacy that quickly occupies future trends – time and again –and is responsible for a rapid implementation of advertising media that were simply not thought to be possible. In brief: "Impressively different" provides you with exciting advantages and inspiring results.
Simply everything that has to do with packaging and advertising media: Our service packages.
Besides the diversity of our products, we offer our customers the following services: Design consultation, artwork management, software solutions, advice on media selection and tests, thermoform production, process optimisation and lean management, packaging, logistics, from storage maintenance right up to the tools required for the construction of packaging machines. Additionally, we offer solutions for product and brand protection, track & trace, and marketing campaigns that combine print, web and mobile technologies. Our customers are provided with a full range of services – even in the IT area – from a single source. Briefly: Supply Chain Partnership, impressively different.
Our values as a success factor.
We do not want to simply offer jobs; but rather meaningful tasks and sustainable employment. As an owner-operated, medium-sized company with its roots in an area of the Black Forest that is shaped by traditional values, we take responsibility for both the people we employ and the region where we are located.

These are the values we practice and apply in our daily business and they are those that shape our thinking and also our actions: Openness and honesty; reliability and loyalty; tolerance and respect; predictability and social commitment.